September 9, 2018

Today we are going to present some of the special events that will mark the coming season at Grand Oaks.  We are looking forward to a wonderful time of numerical and spiritual growth for our church family.  We are asking all of our members to be faithful and involved during this time of important ministry.  WE will need your help to make these ministries effective.

There are 2 very special items we want to focus on.  First is our "40 Days in the Word" campaign which kicks off of 9/16/18 and will fully begin on 9/23/18.  Please commit to be a part of this experience including the workbooks and life groups.

The second major activity that we will need much help with is our Fall Festival on 10/27/18.  This will be a major outreach event and will need great participation from our congregation.  Please set that date aside and plan on being a part of our team on that critical day.

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